Our "Shop"

We have a wide selelection and badges and souvenirs

Badges and Souvenirs Shop

Our badges and homemade souvenirs are available for purchase on site or in advance.

Giving the girls the chance to spend their own money at the “shop” is a really worthwhile and fun activity which helps them develop life skills such as budgeting, mental arithmetic and making choices. Many girls will choose souvenirs for themselves or maybe even gifts to take home to other family members.

Most items are on display on our souvenirs board in the main hall. The shop items are stored in the Leaders Lounge in removable labelled trays which makes it easy for you to set up a ‘shop’ for your girls to visit, or have them do it for themselves.

Our products are especially chosen to appeal to our young visitors and are sold at pocket money prices. We are a non-profit organisation and the proceeds of our souvenir and badge sales are used to keep Faurefold running and support the development of the site.

The online version of our onsite shop is here to allow you to see what we have available to help you plan your holiday.  You may also wish to order your badges and gifts in advance so they are available for collection.

If you are not planning on visiting Faurefold soon we are able to post items for an additional packing and postage charge, but due to the nature of our “shop” we are not able to send bulky items.

We are also delighted that we are able to offer the LaSER, Surrey East and the Surrey East County’s Division Standards for sale, benefitting our Divisions and providing additional fundraising for Faurefold.


Unique souvenirs lovingy hand-crafted by the friends of Faurefold and sold at pocket money prices


Site badges and Girlguiding fun badges to remind you of your visit to Faurefold. Every camp blanket needs one!


A variety of souvenirs from Faurefold and select girlguiding gifts especially chosen for our young visitors